Thursday, 29 March 2007

Why is it that everytime I mention

something to Samuel that he doesn't like that he responds so negatively? Like this morning, he was printing out some homework and I checked it over. I found a couple of spelling mistakes and a sentence or two that didn't actually make sense. I told him "you just need to fix up these things."

Oh my goodness, the look I got, the tears welled up. The excuses came out 'but I will be late. I knew you would find something wrong.' etc etc Well, if you knew I would find something wrong buddy boy, why didn't you make sure there wasn't?? I didn't say this to him. Would have made it worse. So, he had to change a few things. Not a big deal I thought. Well, I was wrong.

So, he prints it out again. Looks great, I tell him so. He says thanks.

All over? Nope. I then mention the school photos that he had done a couple of weeks ago. I mentioned it even though I said to myself I wouldn't. I mentioned it because he has his student id hanging around his neck with this photo of him doing a weird smile and his hair parted down the side. When I saw the photos the other day I was gobsmacked! How could this be my handsome boy? He had this super fake smile - one that he does when he doesn't want to show all of his teeth - God knows why. And his hair! I thought, when I saw them - well that is a waste of $32! But then thought oh well - school photos are never that great etc etc and reminded myself that I should have just ordered the group photo as I have plenty of nice single shots of all of my kids. Next time I will do that. Anyway, so I say why did you do the fake smile in that photo? And of course he comes back with 'I didn't! It is my normal smile.' Ummmm no it isn't I say - look at these photos etc. Well, again I have set him off. I just can't seem to communicate with him anymore.

Will show the photo here this afternoon when I get back from work...

And to top it off, as he is walking out the door (he has said Goodbye and I love you mum already) I say 'have you got your lunch?' 'Yes.' 'What did you take?' 'An apple.' and I go off my nut - we have had an issue the last two weeks with the food he is taking to school. Either a banana or an apple. That is it - for the whole school day.

He does have a big breakfast. But now he has decided that one piece of fruit is enough for the day. This from a boy who used to take 2 pieces of fruit, a sandwich and snack things. Now he is down to 1 piece of fruit??

I found this out on Monday (the kids make their own lunches from a large variety of offerings)
from Samuel's arch nemesis, Bronte. I hear this conversation...

Bronte: 'Samuel, have you made your lunch yet?'
Samuel: 'Yes.'
Bronte: 'When? I didn't see you?'
Samuel: 'Shut up Bronte.'

Now, I am not silly. I realise that something is happening. So I say 'Samuel, have you made your lunch yet?' 'Yes mum.' 'Can you show me please?' He goes and gets it. Whoopee - one whole banana!

I asked him what is going on. Has someone said something to him? Apparently not. Are you buying food from the canteen. No, I'm not. Why, then are you only taking one piece of fruit? I am not hungry, there is no time to eat, etc etc. No good reason as far as I can see.

So I say, sorry you have to take at least a sandwich and two pieces of fruit. But I don't want to he says. I say, bad luck. He capitulates. Who knows if he eats it??

So, each day since Monday I get him to show me his lunch. Good so far, until today of course.

Because he is still completing homework well past the time he is meant to be off to school. He says there is not time to make a sandwich (well I would have done it for him if I had known) - I mean we all get up at 7am - he doesn't need to leave until 8.15am - loads of time don't you think? So, it is already 8.30am and I say - what have you got? One apple. What!!?? No, sorry - grab a sandwich as well. The tears start. I am late. I don't have time. Well, he took a sandwich but now of course, I feel bad. The day has begun for him and for me in a negative way.

How to change? How to encourage him to eat enough for a growing teenage boy (well almost a teen)?

Suggestions anyone??

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

There is a little girl at school

who just started this year - she is in what we Victorians call Prep. She is 5 years old. Last month, a note came home from school, Aisling (ash-lin) has had a recurrance of cancer. How shocking and it is just plain wrong.

The children came home absolutely horrified that someone at their school might die. Apparently she has had cancer before and went into remission at 2 years of age. It has now returned - much more aggressive and apparently the prognosis is not good.

I feel so sad for the family (whom I don't even know!) although I am sure I have met them as I run the uniform shop at school. I feel sad for her, for her new little friends at school. I just think that it is so unfair. It makes me cry.

Please keep Aisling and her family in your thoughts...

Friday, 23 March 2007

Tonight it rained and it was glorious!

Unfortunately it didn't rain for long but we got a bit of a drenching - perfect after 2 days of 30+ degrees and the oppressive humidity to go with it! As soon as it started, Bronte and Zachary ran out and played in it. Collected some in buckets for watering the garden later...they loved it and it was so here are a couple of photos to prove that YES! It did rain in Melbourne one day in March 2007!! How nice to be a kid hey?

This week has been busy...(when is it not??)

Bronte made her Reconciliation on Wednesday night. For those non-Catholics, this is the Sacrament of Confession. It is an important time in a Cath
olic person's life and the evening was appropriately reverant. She was nervous and excited. The children go in, one by one, to a room (not a small, dark box like we did in our day!!) and Stan and I had to indtroduce Bronte to Father Frank. Then we left them. They have a little talk and voila! Done! She was relieved and proud. We were very happy for her. Here she is with Stan, Zachary, (Bronte), Samuel and her surrogate Nana, Joycey.

And with her best friend who is 6 months younger than her but about a foot taller! LOL

And a lovely shot of the candles the children decorated...

During the evening she started to feel ill, became hot and had a 'funny tummy'. I thought it was nerves but as the night wore on she became progressively worse. When we got home, I gave her some Panadol and popped her in our bed. She was very hot and shivery. She had the Thursday off school (which she hates btw as she might miss out on something!!). A nice restful day ensued.

Evening of Thursday March 22nd 2007

Tonight we had to go to Moorabbin Town Hall as Samuel's school had their Chorals night. He is in GRANT house (and their colour is PURPLE). They had to sing 3 songs. One set song - The Light Electric from the movie FAME - each house sang that one. 'To Be With You' by Mr. Big and Like A Prayer by Madonna. It was so fun to watch.

Joycey, Bronte and I went as Stan and Zachary had to go to the motorbike track as it was the last weekday ride with Daylight Savings.

Bronte was not at all well during the evening but was fine in the lead up. She was a trooper though and was able to sit through the whole thing and was very happy for Samuel. He so enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, Lonsdale House won (puke yellow!!) but a great evening was had by all!

Friday 23rd March 2007

Bronte was home again today and the weather here is horrid. Boiling hot (33+ C) and a shocking hot northerly wind.

Zachary rode to school this morning (a 3km trip each way) so I decided to go and pick him up this afternoon - too hot to ride I reckon. Bronte went up to Joyces in the aircon and in Joycey's bed - so is happy enough.

Samuel rode home (With his trailer and Sax) even though it was so hot. He is excited as the school have purchased a brand new Tenor Sax and it will be his! Yay! Still a bloody big instrument though. He then went and met up with his friend from his old school who now goes to Haileybury College (an exclusive school close by) and now they are here on the PlayStation. What a life they have. Funny thing is, the uniform is the same except his friend has an expensive embroidered pocket! LOL And the fees are about 10 times what we pay!

Friday, 16 March 2007

Some other things that have

been taking up our time... Bronte had some homework for school where she had to make a 'reading fort'. Of course, brother Zachary relished the chance to help her and here is the construction they came up with. They did it on the trampoline and it was a great task.

Here they are (you can just see Zachary in the background of the tent thingy).

Then we have the fabulous contraption that Stan made so Samuel could still ride to school on those days that he had to take his Saxophone to school...a recycled golf buggy. Revamped so that it can accommodate a large Sax case and so that it can be towed behind his bike. Yay. So, on Thursday mornings he tows the Saxophone to school, leaves the trailer there overnight and then tows it all back on Friday afternoon.

Here's a sequence of photos of him the first day he took it to school...

Click on the photo so you can see it a bit better...Stan did a great job!

Time has gone on...

and of course, I still miss Kiah...some days more than others. My gorgeous email friends sent me a gift which I received yesterday. A voucher to go to my local nursery so I can pick out something appropriate in her memory. Thanks to you all so much. How lucky I am!

The last few weeks have not been that great on the one hand but for the kids it has been pretty good. We went away to Sorrento last weekend - it was a long weekend - and had a lovely time. Met up with some families from school and had a general relax.

This was the view 200 metres from our van - isn't it divine?