Friday, 18 July 2008

More birthdays.....well continuing on with Bronte's

Waking up happy on her actual birthday which was a month ago now!! The 18th of June!

Opening some pressies!!

Wearing the Birthday Hat...

About to blow out the candles...

Yep - the weird Wig Family! This was taken on MY birthday which was on Wednesday the 16th of July. Our friend Joyce has a bag of wigs that a friend gave her. So we all put one was such fun! Click on the photo for a better view...nothing like being silly on your birthday!!

and then mine - the BIG 45! Waaah!!!

Being silly after the birthday song...

My very good friends, Joycey and Joan along with Zachary and myself - yes I HAD to wear the birthday hat too! Mind you it is Joyce's and she will wear anything - truly!

Next birthday is Samuel's - which is in 3 weeks - he will be 14.