Sunday, 23 September 2007

Zachary = Victorian Junior Trials Rider Champion 2007!

Well, it is official! Zachary is the Victorian Junior MotoTrials Champion Group B for 2007!

After riding for two days, Saturday and today, he came FIRST! I am so proud of him! We all are. Stan came home tonight at 8pm and told us the news. By the way, Stan came THIRD overall in his category - he got two trophies and a green sash - how cool! A double celebration.

Zachary is now on a motorbike trials riding camp, so we haven't seen him but I spoke to him on the phone tonight - he was thrilled.

Here are some photos of my shy boy (yes he is shy) during his acceptance speech. Have I mentioned that I am proud of him? LOL

This was a two day event and at the end of the first day, he was coming second and was behind by 13 points. It was a hard slog to make up the difference and a very big ask but today he came out on top by TWO WHOLE POINTS!!

Click on the photos to see them in better detail.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Wow - it has been a while...

since I have posted here. Sometimes, time just gets away from me. As I get older it goes so much faster!

Have been very busy this past month. Stan turned 50 on September the 6th and we had a big party on Saturday the 8th. He made a lovely speech about how much he loved us (which was so nice to hear!)

We had a fantastic Music Night at Samuel's school where we got to see him play in the Training Concert band. That was fun and very much an eye-opener. So much talent there - it was fabulous.

Here is a photo of Zachary in his new Ra.Re the Kid top that I love. We went to a place called 'Volcano Joe's' (the old Smorgy's) with Stan's mum and sister who were down from Queensland. I took this photo there while we were waiting for them to arrive.

And finally, here is Bronte - taken tonight. We have the place to ourselves as Stan and Zachary are away for the weekend at the Victorian Trials Championships (hope they are doing well!) while Samuel is at a sleepover party with some of his new friends from school.

Bronte and I went out for dinner tonight and then on to the movies. Went and saw Hairspray and we loved it! Well I loved it - she really liked it! LOL A fabulous movie well worth seeing. Samuel went on Friday night to see it with a few of his friends from dancing and they all adored it - he was horrified that there was such racism and segregation in the 1960's. I told him it still happens now.

Anyway - here's some photos of my skater-girl Bronte. She loves this outfit - the two tops are from that great Italian label I love, Nolita Pocket and the jeans are from Just Jeans that I got at the Op Shop for her for $1.00! They are a great fit and she loves them. Will have to go to Just Jeans and check out some more I think!

Stan comes back tomorrow night fromt he motorbike trial, while Zachary gets to go to 'Trial Camp' up near Bendigo for 3 more days. He is a bit apprehensive but there are kids there that he knows well so hopefully he will not feel lonely. I miss him already!