Sunday, 29 July 2007

Two Kids off to Mass this morning...

with our good friend Joycey...

Samuel and Bronte (Zachary and Stan are at the Motorbike Track) love to go with Joycey because a) They ALWAYS get to do the Offertory Procession where the 'gifts' are carried to the altar and b) she takes them for later morning tea/lunch to a lovely Cafe. Secretly, I think this is their favourite part and just quietly, it is MY favourite part too! A quiet house. How fantastic is that?

Trivia Nights - not Trivial at all!!

Last night we went to our Primary School's main fundraiser for the year. It was a trivia night and they are always such fun!

Our table was allocated the colour Navy - so, I made some Australian Navy hats and we wore them - called ourselves H.M.A.S. Intelligence. Shoulda called ourselves H.M.A.S. Mediocre or H.M.A.S. Middle of the Road going by our results!

Really, I wanted to called us H.M.A.S. Smart Arses but thought some in our little Catholic Community wouldn't appreciate it!

Some of the questions were really obscure but we did pretty darn well considering. The night was M.C.'d by a well known Melbourne Radio personality (who has a child at our school) - Matt Tilley from FOX FM - he did a really good job but by the end of the night - with around 230 people having had a few drinks - we were a little hard to control!!

The Silent Auctions were fantastic and the loud ones were even better. A painting by Bronte's class fetched $1000.00 other classes paintings went around the $500-$600 mark and no, we didn't bid!

Can't wait to see how much was raised!

Monday, 23 July 2007

Yesterday was such a GORGEOUS day

here in Melbourne that I took advantage of clear skies and having only TWO kids (remember that Zed and Stan were away at the trial).

So, off we went to the local train station and choofed it into the city...Melbourne has this great thing at the moment - only $2.50 on all Public Transport on Sundays - it's called the 'Sunday Saver' or something similar anyway...

It takes 15 mins by train to get into our gorgeous city...we arrived at Flinders Street Station and walked across to Fed Square (Federation Square - it is THE best place to visit!). Went to the Tourist Information Centre and found out about the FREE Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle Bus.

We quickly ducked into ACMI, THE best place to visit in Melbourne - and had a quick look at the Pixar Exhibition - I took a great photo of the kids with Sully and Mike - see down below. We will go back there with Zed and see the whole thing in a few weeks..

Time to walk up to Exhibition Street to catch it the bus...first time ever we have been on there.

It is great - there is lots of information about the city buildings and sights. We hopped off at stop number 5 - the famous Queen Victoria Market (or the Vic Market as it is known to us locals).

The two kids I had with me, eldest Samuel and youngest, Bronte - could not remember having been there before - they were too young last time we went. They loved it! Were amazed at all the fruit and vegies, the meats and fish, the clothing and junk that we saw. They loved seeing Code One Police Rock Band apparently the

"only full time Police rock band in the world. Real cops playing songs by everyone from the Black Eyed Peas to Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake even Gwen Stefani. You won’t believe your eyes or your ears! It looks weird but they’re great and are totally entertaining!"

Then we went to the delicatessen area of the market and sampled a few goodies for lunch...smoked salmon and cream cheese (mmmm), the kids had bratwurst in rolls while I had a Turkish Pide - yummo!

Next, off to catch the tram back down to
Flinders Street Station...walked across the Pedestrian Bridge to Southbank where they have great restaurants (but we were way too full for that!!) and fantastic Street Theatre. Watched a couple of really entertaining shows and bumped into a family from our Primary School! Small world!

A quick look at the famous
Sunday Craft Market and a wander around the Arts Centre. Went to really impressive toilets in there - lots of padded walls!

After that, we went back to
Fed Square and watched another bit of fabulously funny Street Theatre... We started out this journey at 10am and by now it was 4.30pm...time to catch the train home...a great day had by the three of us!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

....and the WINNER is......


Yes, there was another Motorcycle Trial day today and he won his class which is Juniors. He is leading the Trials Rider of the Year series by quite a bit now with just one more trial to go and I have been told that there is no way he can lose the Series now - even if he doesn't compete!!! Yay!

He came home tonight, tired and happy. Another trophy...another step closer!

(note:) the photos above weren't taken today - they were taken a couple of weeks ago!

Samuel has updated

his Oakleigh Motorcycle Club website and I think it looks fantastic. Not bad for a 12 year old eh? (Not bad for any age actually!)

Click on the image above (that he made!) and it should take you to his website...

And this link takes you to the video that he took, edited and uploaded...a little pixelated but you can get the idea...

Friday, 20 July 2007

Catholic ways and rituals....

You know, we were raised in the Catholic faith, my husband and I.

Our children - well the two younger ones - currently go to a Catholic Primary School and all three have been raised within the Catholic Church....

Here is Zachary with Bishop Elliot on the evening of Zachary's Confirmation. A ritual that Zed really looked forward to and he now has memories of it that he will cherish.

For someone like me - who rarely agrees with the Churches teachings - it is a little difficult to pass on to the kids the enthusiasm that is needed. However, while I don't agree with what I see as a lot of hypocrisy within the Catholic Church and its laws, I do agree with the basic morals and Christian beliefs that are taught. Why, then do I feel guilty about all of this?

I look at my friends (my age) who go to Church weekly if not more...I look at them and think 'Do you REALLY believe? Do you REALLY believe in the Church? Do you REALLY believe in God?' Because I don't think I do.

I feel bad thinking that and even worse for putting it in writing but there it is...I am not sure that I do believe in God but I do wish I did. I do know that I believe in the goodness of people whether they be Christian or not. I do believe in the power of love and I believe in peace.

But, I feel a little lost in that I do not have faith in God but I do know that I have faith in humanity. I think in part, that it is to do with the death of my mother (who was a devout practising Catholic) and the death of my father. It also has something to do with the fact that I believe that the Church is manmade - man made rules that have not moved with the times. Rules that in some ways opress women and humanity. I dislike the double standards of such things.

However, Stan and I both believe that by giving the children an education within the Catholic system prepares them for life. Gives them a sound moral base and prepares them in a way to be inherently good people (hopefully).

So, with this in mind, Zachary received the Sacrament of Confirmation. It was a thrill for him.

Next month, Bronte will be making her First Communion and she is so, so excited!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Holiday Experimentation

I haven't taken many photos these holidays. Don't know why - the kids have had a ball. Here are a couple of photos I have taken of Zed Boy - and mucked around with them in Photoshop to try and get them to 'pop'. Fun to do - hope you like... Kate

Luna(cy) Park

Haven't been to Luna Park in years - last time I don't even think Bronte was born or she may have been a baby.

My brother was down from Sydney with his 3 year old son and my brother wanted to go to Luna Park. Zachary was off motorbike riding with Stan so Samuel, Bronte and I went with them.

I am ALWAYS chief bag holder at these kinds of places - just can NOT stand rides at all - am happy to watch though.

Samuel and Bronte went on every ride and loved it all so much. I didn't even get to take many snaps but here are some.

A lovely day was had by them!

Monday, 9 July 2007


stands for Trials Rider Of the Year.

And Zachary is now ahead by 13 points. Two more Trials in the series and if he places in both he will win the title of Junior TROY. How exciting!

At the moment, Stan is coming second in the Classic Trials Rider Of the Year - so hopefully we will have a double celebration!

Click on this link...(it is the Oakleigh Motor Cycle Club website that my other son, Samuel has developed.)

OMCC Twinshock Practise Day 2007 (you will need Flash)

Here you will see a video of the Trials riding done at our club. Zachary is the second rider in the pale yellow tee.