Friday, 30 May 2008

THE PEOPLE'S CHIP!!!! Hamish and Andy FOX FM

Here's Bronte with Hamish and Andy from FOX FM. It was Samuel's idea to line up this morning for our part in history - the getting of what is termed the 'People's Chip'. Hamish and Andy - the two guys you see here, have a fab radio show and they called for Smith's Chips to make a new flavour of crisp chip. The people voted for a Gravy flavoured chip and Smith's came up with the goods. It was a small run, only 99 bags of chips per capital city in Australia (poor old Tassie, NT and ACT missed out completely!!) and they decided to distribute Melbourne's 99 at a shop in near our home!

So, off the boys went before school, to line up - here's a photo of
Zachary in the line up that is on the FOX FM website...(right click to open in a new window!)

Zachary is the boy in the green and purple school uniform and with the big grey backpack!

Some people slept overnight to get a packet of these elusive chips. Needless to say, my guys weren't successful in getting a packet but they still had fun.

Thanks to Hamish and Andy for being so nice to everyone - it was a blast! Following are more photos from the morning...

Last Saturday, I took Samuel and Bronte to the Melbourne Museum. Zachary and Stan were away for the weekend on a Trial. Zachary came 2nd in C Grade and Stan came 3rd in Classic. Anyway, here are a couple of noice photos of The Bront and Samuel that I couldn't resist showing....

And finally, two photos of Bronte and Jasper the cat, sound asleep!!! Awwwww - how cute!

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Madly working on Bronte's Party

(click on the image to see it clearly)

she will be 10 on the 18th of June....and here is the prototype for her City Explorer birthday party!

We will catch the train in to the city, go to the fantastic Federation Square, ACMI, maybe the Art Gallery. Then a free City Circle tram out to the Docklands to a fabulous park, picnic lunch, back to the city, maybe go to the Vic Market etc.

I was surprised that lots of her friends don't go into the city much and it will be an adventure for them. Two of my friends will come along with me to help supervise as Stan will be in England.

Hopefully the party will be loads of fun!!!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

mother; mère; moeder; madre; mãe; mutter;

(please remember to CLICK on the photos for a much clearer view!)

In whatever language you say the word mother or mum, it means much the same all over the world. Nurture, safety, love and hopefully laughter.

Today is Mother's Day and it does mean so much to me. I think of many things and what it means.

It means that I am lucky - lucky because of the three gorgeous creatures you see above. Lucky that I was blessed with them. They may cause me grief at times and make me go nutso from time to time but in the big picture - yes I am extremely lucky.

It also saddens me as it makes me realise that yet another year has passed without my very own mother being by my side. My mum passed away on June 1 1998. It is ten years since I have heard her voice. Ten years since I heard her laugh. Ten years since I told her I loved her that one last time. God, how that hurts.


The photos below are from our day out today. I took so many, I found it hard to choose. We went to Werribee Mansion which is here in Victoria, for a picnic. It was divine.

This is number one child, Samuel or Sam as he likes to be called by his friends! He will forever be Samuel to us though. Aged 13 and a half, he knows what he likes and wants and is a gentle soul to others - not so much to his siblings unfortunately! He is a gorgeous boy/young man.

Now this one is the middle guy. His name is Zachary and is 12, turning 13 this year. He is so sensitive and worries about nearly everything. He is a loving boy who always thinks of others. He is my brown eyed boy!

And yes folks, this is Bronte - the third and last. Thank God! She is a bright light in our lives. An entertainer, gregarious but not known for sweetness! A gorgeous spirited girl who keeps me on my toes.

Here are some fun photos of the three children and my husband and their dad (thought I better make that clear)!!

This is in the courtyard of the mansion....

Notice four funny people doing four funny poses!!!

Stacks on Samuel!!! After all, isn't this what Rose Gardens are for???

The dismantling of the STACK!

And this is Queen Joycey! The woman who likes to mother me...and most times I am thankful for it! She is a very young 78 years of age and she came down to our house this morning (she lives two houses away) in this crown. She is a strange one!! We all love her.

Werribee Park Mansion has a fantastic array of sculptures - this one was a favourite of mine but there were many that I liked.

Oh! Who could THAT be??

And then there are the gorgeous Rose Gardens...but the photo above is part of a sculpture - loads of flowers made out of aluminum cans and placed on old bed springs. Very cool!

The next four photos were my very favourite photos of the roses that I took today. Absolutely divine!

And finally, a sculpture that really tickled my fancy! Entitled something like 'Happy Ending'. What a great headstone this would be to have!!! lol But I did think it fitting for the end of this post as the whole day was fabulous and it has a happy ending!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Fishing? Fun? You betcha....

All of the above photos were taken at the most divine little place in Victoria called Inverloch. The weather was not very warm but the kids couldn't resist the divine clear water and fun on the beach. We caught loads of fish but they were all too small so we threw them back.....we had so much fun!

Who'd a thought?? Pyramids In Melbourne, Australia???

Inspired, yet again, by my friend, the inspirational LL from Lulu's Bay. The challenge was to take a photo of a pyramid.

Check out Lulu's Bay....

and here is mine - a Pyramid in Melbourne! Can't wait to see everyone's contributions!