Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The BIG Party!!!

So, the big day arrived...the City Explorer Party for my soon to be 10 year old girl!

We headed off from our local train station at 10.15am Sunday morning. Myself and two good friends, Lynda and Sue were in charge of 10 giggly girls and my two boys...

First stop - Flinders Street Station. Then straight out to Federation Square where the 10 wanna be stars did an impromptu act on the world famous Fed Square stage!!!

Then in to ACMI which stands for 'Australian Centre for the Moving Image'. It was a bit of fun where we looked at movies made by students and played video games for free!

My brother, sister in law and gorgeous nieces met up with us at Fed Square and then we all trundled off to a shop in Swanston Street where there are many photo booths and you can take wacky photos...that took an hour or so.

(only one mishap for the whole day - one of our old duckie shopping trolleys broke - we were using them to transport drinks and food!! So I went off to Target and bought another!!)

Back to Fed Square and watched a busker. Then the City Circle tram out to Docklands Park where we had hot chips and more party food and a good old fashioned play. The girls loved playing Roly Poly down the lush green hills!

Then back on the City Circle tram and back to Fed Square. Here we saw a busker who had the biggest nipple rings any of us had ever seen and boy they were yucky!!

But the next busker was fantastic - his name is Andy Zapp and if you ever get the chance to see him - take the time as he is fabulously funny and talented! All of us loved him!

Finally, at 3.53pm, we boarded the train for home...a big group of tired youngsters and adults to boot! We arrived back at our station where parents were to meet us. Because the cake (that I bought from Mrs Field's) was too large to carry into the city....we set up a table - complete with tablecloth - in the station Car Park. It was a touch of insanity to end the day! We all sang Happy Birthday to the gorgeous birthday girl and then shared the cake amongst guests and their families. Then the girls (and my two boys) retired to the back of my car to open the presents! It was so much fun and the party worked out pretty darn well even if I do say so myself!