Friday, 7 March 2008

Z is for Zachary - again!

Yippee! The blood tests came back clear (as I thought they would!!). I was a little apprehensive though.

Today, he went for an ultrasound on his abdomen. He quite enjoyed it...only once did I make a joke about a baby being in there - the look of horror on his face was priceless! Yay me!!

Confirmed that he does have a hernia but it is small. The results will be emailed to our doctor and I will talk to her on Tuesday apparently. So, that is done.

Went out with my two very good friends today for lunch. Simone (of the breast cancer notoriety) and Helen. We had such a fun time - lovely and relaxing. It is so good to see Sim feeling ok. A rarity. Tuesday she goes in for her final Chemo and now we can all see a light at the end of the tunnel. It has been a horrible ride for her and her family. Very difficult. There is still a long way to go but gee - knowing that the last treatment is here is good. She is not looking forward to it though as she knows that for the next couple of weeks she will feel like crap.

Monday, 3 March 2008

So, thankfully, Monday is nearly over....

And the gorgeous boy see above is the one who was feeling sick this morning and just about all day.

I decided to take him to the vet - oops - I mean Doctor!

He was not that keen but I explained to him that we can't keep going on the way we have been. With the headaches, tummy upsets, tears, tiredness and more.

The doctor was lovely. She asked him a lot of questions - many of which he actually answered - a feat in itself really! I said to her that I thought that he might be anxious etc. She questioned him at length about school and he told her that the only thing that worried him about school was the work. Handing it in on time as he doesn't want to get detention!

She decided to take blood just to be sure and rule out things like Coeliac Disease, Diabetes vitamin deficiencies. She is almost 100% positive all will come back ok.

When he was born, he had quite a few things not-quite-right about him. He was born with what we like to call a 'hole in his head' (technically called Aplasia Cutis Congenita) or take a look at this one , hydrocele (fluid filled knackers!!), a hernia about 3 inches above his belly button and a cafe au lait birth mark on the side of his face that covers his temple. As a baby, he was thoroughly checked out and given the all clear. After the hole in his head healed (where the aliens came and sucked out his brains!!), the only thing that had to be done was getting grommets at the age of 14months.

So blood results will be back on Wednesday and I still have to book him in for an ultrasound.

Apparently the hernia should have gone by now?

Best to get him a clean bill of health so that we can concentrate on the matters of the mind I reckon...

Sing along with me.....I don't like Mondays....I don't like Mondaayyys

So, it is Monday morning, 8.00am. Samuel and Zachary have school swimming sports. It's going to be 32 celsius - gorgeous day for it.

Son number 2 is on the toilet with the runs....and has a 'bit of a headache'. He has had a very busy weekend so that could be adding to the turmoil....

I say, 'stay home.' "But I want to go." Tears welling in his eyes. I say 'Go then.' "I have a headache and a sore tummy." 'Stay home then.' "It is my first swimming sports" Tonnes more tears...

Now - whatever I say does not seem to be the right answer.

He is upset. Crying. He is staying home - well coming to work with me. Oh joy of joys!!

Stan has called three times this morning. Samuel didn't put the work video camera cable back in the bag. Stan is very annoyed. It is typical Samuel though. I am now annoyed - I mean - what can we do about that now?

Oh yes, it is MONDAY. I always loved the Boomtown Rats song 'I don't like Mondays'....

Hope it gets better from here!!!