Saturday, 13 October 2007

Devastating news....

Sim and Zachary in August. She was Zachary's Sponsor for his Confirmation.

My friend is called Simone. We have a coffee every weekday morning together after school drop off and before I need to be at work. It is amazing how much talking we can fit into 30 minutes really. We both love a chat.

Over the last two years we have become really close. I have never needed to have a best friend as I find my friends all fullfil different aspects of my life - I guess I know Simone really well and she knows me. Amazing what sharing 30 minutes of your life a day does over two or three years.

Anyway, she is 41 the mother of two boys aged 11 and 13 and has a gorgeous husband called Stephen.

She is a hard worker, does everything for the men in her life (yes, she even irons their UNDIES!) I am the antithesis of her - she is a neat freak, I am a fucking grot. She cleans non stop - I do not. I guess we do have something in common - we love our families. (oh and we LOVE to say Fuck a lot! ROFL)

Anyway, she has had a different life from me. Father left her mother when her sister was 1 year old (Sim was 3.) With love, hard work and help, the girls turned out well. Her mother is fabulous! There were some tragedies and hiccups along the way but in general - life was good.

On Monday night, she finds a lump. Doesn't tell Stephen. Tells me at coffee in the morning. She is beside herself. She goes home and tells Steve, makes an appointment at her GP and off they go. GP says that it is 10% chance it is cancer - unlikely due to her age but to be on the safe side - he gets her to go to see a specialist. She is seen the next day (Tuesday). She is sent to have an MRI and mammogram as well that day. Specialist says on Wednesday, oh yes, it looks like it is cancer and you need to go for a Core Biopsy and ultrasound tomorrow and then come and see him for the results on Monday.

After the core biopsy and ultrasound are done - they say to her oh we are sending this now to emergency pathology. She rings me, distraught. I say that must be because it is the weekend coming up so he can have the results in time on Monday.

Stupid me.

A phone call at around 11.45am this morning, please come and see the specialist now. Steve and Sim go and get the news. Cancer > mastectomy > Chemotherapy. 75% chance that it hasn't spread anywhere else.

She had blood tests today, is booked in for a bone scan and CT scan next Thursday. Mastectomy and reconstruction to happen within the next two weeks.

Her mother is devastated. We all are. Her two boys - well it is hard to even comprehend how they are feeling. I mean, I can't work out how I am feeling! She is strong at times, vulnerable at others - but all the time thinking of her 3 guys, her mother, her sister who is due with her 3rd baby in 6 weeks, she is thinking of me, my kids, Stan. How are we all?

I have called a couple of our good friends tonight to break the news. It is very draining being the news breaker. My eyes are swollen. They feel gritty. I have been good up until today. Strong for her. I didn't cry too much the first few days - but today - gee - it is waterwork city! Tonight I went for a drive by myself for a couple of hours. Just went nowhere.

Today, I went to see her mother. That was so hard. We just held eachother and cried. Cried for a lot of things I think. For the unknown. For the future.

We will tackle this one step at a time.

Please keep her in your hearts.

Friday, 12 October 2007

Neglected life...

yes, I have been neglecting a lot of things lately. Not just this blog but life in general. I don't know why.

Since I last posted Zachary (the Victorian Junior Trials Champ!) had his 12th birthday and party. The party was at the Oakleigh Motorcycle Club. He invited around 8 of his friends and we invited their parents and siblings for the day. It was so much fun. The kids all got to ride the little PeeWee 50cc and one of the dads rode one of Stan's bikes.

We had a barbecue. Stan organised a Treasure Hunt and a Scavenger Hunt (which they all loved as the track is built on an old rubbish tip site!!). I organised a pinata bashing and a cool donut cake!

A great Day!

Bashing the Skateboarder Pinata - ooooh kids love this!

Lining up for the 'bash!' Hoping that the kid before them doesn't break it open!

Zachary beginning a jump (showing his friends what he can do!)

Mid air shot!

Big kids on the little bike....

Ummm - do you think you are doing it right??

Stan taking the smaller kids around on his bike....

Gosh they had a ball!