Saturday, 11 October 2008

Another Teenager in my house!!!

Well, officially, Zachary is now 13! I am not sure how I feel about the idea of now having two teens in the home. Actually, yes I am - I feel overwhelmed. Where have all of those years gone? It is a bit sad really....for me...not for him....he LOVES it!

We had to celebrate a day early as Zachary and Stan left early this morning (6am) to go and compete in the Australian Mototrials Championship 2008. It was sad to just see him for 30 or so minutes on his actual birthday. They will be back late tomorrow night. And WHAT A BONUS if they do well! Here's hoping...

Here are some photos from his birthday dinner - was just the 5 of us plus Joycey from down the road. Please click on the photos for a clearer and more detailed picture...

Goes to show that if it is your birthday that you need to wear the Birthday Hat (as always supplied by Joycey) even if you HAVE to work on your motorbike!

Joycey also gave him this 'Hop In Blankie'. He LOVES it. He has had one from her before but it was on its last legs. There's nothing more that this active child of mine loves to do at the end of the day than getting into his blankie and wrapping himself up in it. He has always been a 'wrapper'! Cosy and warm and safe. This one, is a DOUBLE size and we teased him about there being enough room in there for a girl...he was mortified! Ba Ha Ha

Samuel gave him a Magazine and DVD from TOP GEAR which is Zachary's very favourite TV show. Zachary was thrilled.

Amongst other things (like another Top Gear DVD and some really cool CULT Boardshorts), Stan and I gave him this Jitsie Trials Riding Gear that he loves! The top is a bit big though but he doesn't seem to mind going by the poses he was doing!

Bronte gave him a Jigsaw puzzle, a glue pen, some craft paper and his favourite chocolate - white. This time in the form of a rather large Toblerone (yum!) He loved his presents so much he even let her give him a kiss and a cuddle!!

This was just after the kiss part!! Look at his face!

Here he is, opening up one of his many gifts with our good friend Joycey looking on.

I meant to tell you all the the first photo in this post is a Pavlova. Bronte and Samuel made it for him. Topped with whipped cream and grated Peppermint Aero bar - he thought it was fab!


Lucy said...

Happy 13 birthday to Zachary.Looks like the birthday boy did well in the pressie department. I especially love the hop in blanket.

Danielle said...

Wow 13, Happy Birthday. Does indeed look like a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to hear about the result.


Tanya said...

Happy 13th Birthday to Zachary!! love the birthday pav! it looks delicious!! that hop in blanket sounds perfect for my youngest! Zachary looks completely happy with his gifts... hope his special day was wonderful!

t. xxx

Carrie Young said...

Wow Kate! WOW! I can't believe your boys are in their teens!!! Where did THAT go?!
HAPPIEST of Birthdays Zachary :o)